YearBook of Days: Digital Edition

Product Description

The downloadable digital edition of MarmeeDear's YearBook of Days. Print only the pages you would like at home and put on a clipboard or have it bound up in a spiral binder at a local office/print shop.

A glimpse of your ordinary days...leaving memories on a page.
MarmeeDear's YearBook of Days has been well-loved and used by homemakers since 2008. In search of a daily journal/planner that suited her needs...she designed her own and has been sharing it with you year after year always improving it with your suggestions.

This is a generic YearBook so it can be purchased for any year. Start the new year off right or catch up in mid's never too late to get planning with this "any year" planner/organizer.

Plenty of space to journal and plan your days including:
3 year-at-a-glance calendar [2018-2019-2020]
Jan-Dec month-at-a-glance
Each months section also includes: 
Notes & Reminders
Meditations & 31 Day Bible Reading Schedule
Daily Meal Plans
Master Market List
Grocery Market List
Monthly Note Page
Weekly Financial Ledgers
Along with large spaces for each day of the month.
Filled with proverbs from the KJV Bible as well as favorite quotes and quips. Sprinkled throughout with vintage silhouette graphics.

* 200++ pages in black/white you can print at home. The only color is on the cover and preliminary title page.

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