Collagen Powder

Product Description

COLLAGEN POWDER: Grass fed pasture raised bovine hydrolyzed collagen peptides 3
COLLAGEN PEPTIDES SUPPLEMENT: Collagen type 1 & 3 supports healthy skin, hair, muscles & joints
EASILY DISSOLVES: Unflavored collagen powder easily dissolves in cold & hot liquids
SUPERFOOD: Similar benefits of bone broth & gelatin, collagen is packed with protein & amino acids

From GRASS FED and PASTURE RAISED to ZERO ADDITIVES and ZERO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS BioOptimal provides you with everything you need in a collagen powder supplement. This product stands out with no artificial ingredients, grass fed, pasture raised, antibiotic, growth hormone free and easily cold and hot water soluble.BioOptimal Collagen Powder only leaves you with a very faint taste that can easily be consumed with water or added to any beverage or smoothie.
Offering many of the same health benefits of bone broth & gelatin - a premium quality collagen powder contains a potent amino acid profile providing the essential building blocks for youthful skin, hair, nails, optimal joint & muscle health.* Note: Benefits from using collagen supplements are most often seen after 30-60 days of continual daily use.

Marmee says: "Take a look at my before / after photos after consuming collagen powder daily after 1 year. The left picture is my birthday one year BEFORE the right picture. It has made obvious changes in my hair (which has never been dyed and is all natural from age.) I drink it in smoothies, eat it in oatmeal, and in hot tea or coffee. There is always a way to consume it every day. It is truly soluble and basically tasteless."