A Girl's Guide to Home Skills

Product Description
This comprehensive book will walk your daughter through every step of how to care for a home! 

The cleaning portions are divided by room with checklists for daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal cleaning for the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, closet, yard, and living room. Checklists are accompanied by vintage ads and instructions on how to best accomplish the listed tasks; teach little ones how to check the trashcan, sweep & mop, dust furniture, and more. Recipes for homemade cleaning supplies are also included.
Integrated throughout are sections on hygiene, hospitality, menu planning, imagining what to stock the pantry with, and celebrating special days. Sample worksheets, menu cards, and other pages are provided throughout for templates to start individual workbooks.

170 pages, softcover. A range of activities are included; most are appropriate for younger elementary-aged girls, with some activities more appropriate for younger/older girls.
$24.95 $29.95

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