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Bunjhal "Beef" with Venison Cubes 0

Since I was born as a MK (missionary kid) in Bangladesh, I have a deep love for Bengali and Indian foodies! I cook it at home often and have raised...
  • Martha Greene
Oven Apple Butter Recipe

Oven Apple Butter Recipe 0

Begin by making CHUNKY APPLESAUCEPeel and core 5-6 pounds of apples. Cut into eighths. Put into a heavy pot and add 1 cup water. Gently stir in 1 ...
  • Martha Greene

Father's Coconut Layer Cake 1

[PRINTABLE RECIPE HERE] A made-from-scratch cake that is indescribably delicious. An original recipe by MarmeeDear.Prepare four 8" round cake pa...
  • Martha Greene
Breakfast-in-Bed Oat Cereal

Breakfast-in-Bed Oat Cereal 0

 My man is an early bird! This is his favorite heart-healthy breakfast...and no I don't serve it to him in bed. I call it "Breakfast-in-Bed" beca...
  • Martha Greene