Free Summer Fun for Children 0

Who doesn't like free fun! This type of fun is basically mess free...well I might should say stain-free? And a little water never hurt anyone...the frock will dry sooner or later!
Let them paint with water!

It sparks their imagination and creativity.
My grandchildren love to paint on our porch! If you don't have a porch...try the sidewalk? All they need is a big bowl of water (let's pretend its a paint bucket!) and a paint brush! Elizabeth had loads of fun creating circles, alphabet letters and 100 leg centipedes! She even used her imagination and told me which color she was using! First we would pretend it was pink, then yellow, then black! It's a great way to teach them to spell their Grandma...go get a bowl of water and an paintbrush and let them have some fun!

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Remembering Momsy 0

My Momsy saved keepsakes in a very organized fashion! She had large envelopes filled with every letter and card we had made her over the years in her cedar chest with each daughter's name on it for us to find when she was gone.
She was filled with the gift of giving... her time and anything extra she was her love language. It sums up how she loved us girls and our families
She grew up with very little of the "extras" of life. She was born during the Great Depression. By the time her girls had married and started their own families, she was able to share with us from her abundance and it gave her great joy to help meet our needs even though they were usually just "wants".
She had an uncanny way of knowing just what one of us would "LOVE" to have or what we might really need and surprising us with it. 
I found one of these keepsake letters this week. I had hand-written her -- yea! Way back then we didn't even have email. I was 24 years old, had been married 6 years, and our family was growing with #4 on the way. There wasn't much extra tho' we always paid the bills, but Momsy always added to the magic of our ordinary days by giving and giving and giving. 
I wrote to her at the end of 1983,  from our little famly of 5 with one more expected:
"To a loving and generous Mom & Mimi: We want you to know how much we have enjoyed, used and appreciated the following:
(1) Little undershirts to keep our tummies warm in the Winter
(2) Tapes with books that are fun to listen to
(3) Comfy white sandals
(4) Crisp new bed sheets to make climbing into bed a pleasure
(5) Big boy panties to help me go potty like a big boy
(6) Lush green outdoor carpet to make our front covered porch pretty
(7) Red Tip bushes to plant and hide our ugly wall
(8) Teddy bear fabric to make us new nite gowns
(9) Little white sandals to keep our toes cool 
(10) A wonderful mini tape recorder to enjoy listening to our cassettes
(11) 2 pretty plants in planters
(12) "Herman" for lots of good sourdough bread
(13) A soft tiny blanket for our new baby
(14) Magazines you save and pass on for us to enjoy too
(15) Beautiful new silverware that will set us a pretty table
(16) A lovely hanging geranium to add color to our front porch
(17) Poison to keep all the "micies" AWAY
(18) New socks for Roger's stinky feet
(19) New unders, with NO holes, for Roger too
(20) A little red seat that folds up, just - our- size!
(21) Everything else I forgot to mention and write down.
We want you to know you make every time we see you like Christmas and we know it's just one way you like to say how much you love us and we want you to know WE LOVE YOU TOO and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
You are definitely the best in the east, west, north or south when it comes to being a "MOM" and a "MIMI". 
Roger, Mar, and the little people: Mara Melissa, Erica, Adam and Little ?

{When I read this long forgotten letter from 34 years ago, it made me realize how blessed I am today and that we were really struggling way back when to just get by...I mean reading over this list of what she was gifting us makes me chuckle today, but remembering that each of those things she gave were really needed or something I really wanted but had no extra in the piggy bank for it.} 

If you mom is still with you today have you told her you love her and thanked her for what she has done for you? 

Love Somebody Lots? 0

Enjoy a Printable Version Here
for Somebody That You love LOTS!

Print on Cardstock and Fold in Half to Make Your Own Card!
Don't U Luv It?
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Family Thanksgiving 2016 Memory Book

Family Thanksgiving 2016 Memory Book 0

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Used Home School & Cookery Books 4 Sale! 0


Our homeschool journey is over after 30 years and ready to pass on these reusuable classic schoolbooks at a bargain price!
Selling a big batch from my 30 year old collection as I just have toooo many!
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Integral Collagen: It's Good for You! 0

I've been on a quest to trim down from being "fluffy". Replacing bad food choices with good ones has been a long process in my journey.

One bad choice was my love of Non-Dairy Powdered Creamer. I would put 1/2 cup in one cup of coffee! (gasp!!!)  That stuff is so bad for you! I think it stems from my childhood of growing up on powdered milk and I developed a taste for it.

It's not a good idea to take out something bad and not replace I've filled that void with real cream from raw milk and collagen powder in my morning coffee. I'm  one of those "give me a little coffee with my cream" kinda of people and the collagen is filling as it has 11 grams of protein per scoop (1 1/2 T. = a scoop).

Integral Collagen is completely tasteless (but I make it taste great!) and it easily blends into any liquid (no lumps with simple stirring!). It's also a wonderful source on non-dairy protein. You can find it here

Collagen is important in our skin, hair, and nails! This is me from July 2015 (left) to July 2016 (right). The results to my skin and hair (never dyed - its just what I was given) I attribute to consuming 1 to 2 scoops of Integral Collagen on a very regular basis (at least 5 days out of each week if not daily). 

I created my very own Collagen Citrus Frappe  ... It is DELISH! (recipe below)


When its chilly and I do morning coffee, I simply stir a scoop of Integral Collagen into my coffee along with some heavy cream!
But it's been a blistering summer here in the South and I want cool and refreshing in the morning not a steamy cup of coffee to start my day! 

Into the carafe of a blender (I use a FUSION xcelerator) add:
1 cup water
6 cubes ice
1/4 cup frozen orange juice concentrate *110 calories*
1 Tablespoon heavy cream *50 calories*
3 drops wild orange pure food grade essential oil (I use doTerra)
1 teaspoon. vanilla extract
2 scoops collagen = 3 Tablespoons *84 calories* 
This is refreshing, filling, and boasts 22+grams of protein and under 250 calories.



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